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The BYOB Club is comprised of individuals who are enthusiastic about beer and wine and expanding the art of homebrewing. We aim to compile our knowledge as a group and share our experiences so that everyone can enjoy the history, brewing process, presentation, judging and, of course, the consumption of our favorite home brewed beer or wine. We come from varying backgrounds and skill levels of homebrewing and are always looking for the next recipe, suggestion, or tool to further enhance the experience. We accomplish this by sharing individual experiences, articles, attending and participating in competitions or other homebrewing events. So if you are an expert brewmaster, novice homebrewer, or someone who accidentally stumbled across our site and are looking for a group to talk beer or wine with in the Wright County area, email us to find our next meeting time. We look forward to brewing with you.

Third Street Brewhouse; Tour and Equipment.

Third Street Brewhouse; Equipment.

Third Street Brewhouse; BYOB crew.

The Muddy Pig; Brian, Random knitting biker door checker, Matt, Eric and Jeff.

The Happy Gnome; Matt, Brian, Eric and Jeff.

Fulton Brewery; Matt, Brian, Eric and Jeff.
Recent News:
Jeff Zierdt and Matt Schiller-Lupulin Brewing in Big Lake, MN.
Lupulin Brewing
Jacob Schnabel-Spilled Grain Brewhouse in Annandale, MN
Spilled Grain

New look at Robert's 12v dc grain mill-Video

Updated Accolades page-Thanks Jacob for updating it!

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